Message from Mme Mitton #4

posted Apr 27, 2020, 7:26 AM by Kim Jimmo

Dear St. Clare Families,

Today, Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced that all publicly-funded schools, including all Ottawa Catholic Schools, would remain closed until at least May 31, 2020. The extension is based on expert advice from the Chief Medical Officer of Health and health officials on the COVID-19 Command Table. While this is appropriate to ensure the safety of all, it is sad that we cannot gather as a school community. When I speak with staff, parents and students, everyone remarks on how we miss one another. We will continue to do our part to flatten the curve.

Ideas for Extending Deep Learning at Home

Education within the OCSB focusses not only on the mastery of literacy and numeracy skills. Deep Learning seeks to develop the “Six Cs”: character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking, within a faith-filled context. Here are some ideas that you may wish to use at home.

Citizenship is the skill that allows your child to connect with people with diverse world views and perspectives diplomatically. 

Challenge your child to think about others in their neighbourhood and how they might be feeling, things that they might be experiencing that are different from their experience.  

How can we help them?  A prayer, a message in the window, a picture on the driveway...

Character is one of the more apparent skills that your child will need throughout their whole life. 

How is your child interacting with others at home?

Have some discussions about the importance of traits like perseverance, resilience, humility and kindness.

Communication is an essential skill that will help your child interact with others, express their thoughts, feelings and ideas. 

How can your child express their thoughts, perspectives and opinions in a productive way?  

Schedule some time to work specifically on listening skills.  Make it a game.

Critical thinking is the ability to thoughtfully evaluate information and arguments by seeing patterns and making connections. 

Provide opportunities for your child to ‘figure it out’.  Do not be quick to give them a solution.

Ask them to explain their thinking.  Why might that work?  What else could you try?

Collaboration is a skill that allows your child to work well with others. 

Living in times of physical distancing creates a wonderful opportunity to practice collaboration within the family.

A family game or project can help your child to recognize their own unique talents and abilities while accepting, valuing and building upon the strengths that others bring to the table.

Creativity is a valuable skill that God has placed in each of us. It allows your child to take an dea and turn it into a reality. 

“think outside the box,” be resourceful, and take risks to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems.

Ask your child to design a machine that would clean their room, a way to save water, a city that doesn’t need electricity

Online Registration is Open for New Students

Do you still need to register your little one for Kindergarten? Unsure how since schools are closed? You can now register online! Submit your application and once OCSB schools reopen you can complete the process! Visit to get started!

Stay in Touch


We hope you’re doing well and free from worries and the health concerns brought on by Covid-19. Do stay in touch with the school. Messaging from St. Clare School and the Ottawa Catholic School Board will be shared directly to your email address through School Messenger or you may check announcements on the St. Clare Website. You may also follow the school on Twitter. Should you wish to communicate with staff, including myself, email is the best method. Please send emails to staff through the school account



Take care, 

Martine Mitton