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posted Sep 14, 2020, 6:02 AM by Kim Jimmo

Please see this welcome video from Mme Mitton


Good Afternoon, all!


It has been a long time since we have connected, and we have missed you all.

Our return to school has been going smoothly so far. I hope that everyone is doing well.  We have been working diligently to ensure we have a safe and smooth return for students and staff and I wanted to ensure that  this communication is comprehensive. 

Understanding that this year will look different, we wanted to ensure that everyone continues to receive the most up-to-date information. Here are great links for your reference:

-Our  Return to School Plan Back to School Frequently Asked Questions  and our  School Year Calendar

-Ontario School Transportation Authority (OSTA)’s return to school transportation information

Ottawa Public Health routinely updates its website regarding school-related topics. You can find detailed information on everything from ventilation to screening practices to how to contain community spread. 

-Ottawa Public Health’s Responses to FAQ from Schools and School Boards.

New Daily Morning Routines for In-Person Learning: 

1.In order to ensure the safety of everyone, we ask you to complete the OPH Screening Tool for Students daily and follow the resulting directions. You are responsible for screening your child. We will not be screening students before they enter our building but instead will be relying on families.  When in doubt, please keep your child at home. During the first week of school, educators will provide them and families with directions on how to access some of the learning from home. If your child is missing school but is well enough to do work, you will be able to access some of the classroom assignments virtually.

2. Please be sure to pack lunches that students can unpack themselves as there will not be any grade 6 lunch helpers for the grade 1 - 6 students. Kinder students will continue to have help from an educator but will still need to manage their lunches independently to help support social distancing. Remember that your children will be bringing home all of their lunch garbage and recycling. We apologize in advance for the mess but we don’t want students up and walking around the classroom.

3. If you have purchased a device for your child to use, this is fantastic because it will not be shared with other students! It will travel back and forth between school and home each day so please ensure that it is charged. During recesses, the doors to our classrooms will be locked so the device will be safe. Please ensure that your child returns their borrowed device and cord to school on the first day. If your child will be using one of our devices, they will be cleaned with Oxivir before being shared.


4. Please ensure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather. We will be spending increased time outside for physical activity and learning time. You will learn below about our staggered pick-up which will result in your children being outside everyday rain or shine. 

5. Please leave extra time to bring your child to school so you can park your car and walk onto school property. Here is your link to our St Clare Walk- A- Block Map.  We will not be operating a Kiss N’ Ride. Please do not park in the parking lot or in the laneway in front of the childcare entrance, as this is reserved for the operation of the Childcare only. Please respect the “Exit Only/ Do Not Enter” sign located on Gardenway.

6. Please pack at least two masks. One for indoors and one to wear as they transition onto and off of the yard. Please have a system in place so that your child knows where to place his/her mask while in the yard. If it gets dirty outside they will have their clean one inside. As for students in Kindergarten to grade 3, the OCSB strongly recommends that all students wear a mask both on the bus and in the school. Please see the latest update from Ottawa Public Health related to questions about face masks.

Late Drop-Offs: OPH has been very clear that we can’t allow anyone in the school but essential workers. When you come to the main entrance, Ms Jimmo will speak to you through the intercom. She will enter the information about the late in our attendance system and then buzz your child into the school. They will need to wait by the main office until they can be accompanied to class.

Early Pick-Ups: For appointments, please arrive at the school with enough time for Ms. Jimmo to buzz the classroom and your child to come to the main entrance. We do not have a large enough entrance to have children waiting for parents and be properly supervised to maintain appropriate social distancing. Keep in mind, there will be many times that your child will be on the yard and teachers won’t be able to escort them back to class to get their items thus it is crucial that you communicate in advance with the teacher the time that you would like to pick your child up, as in past years. Each teacher will inform you of how to best communicate this information.


Drop Off is going extremely well.  Students have been instructed to walk directly to their assigned door to enter the school.  Students should use hand sanitizer when they enter their classroom. Family members must remain at the gate.  Drop off begins at 9:00 am. All students should be inside the school by 9:15 am.


Pick Up begins at 3:30 pm.  Students will be lined up outside the school building behind the gate.  Parents will remain on the other side of the gate until their child is dismissed.


At the gates and in front of school please ensure you are physically distancing yourself. You can stand along the sidewalks where we added yellow lines indicating proper spacing.  All adults are asked to ensure there is enough space for the child to exit the gate and walk to their parent.


 Independent walkers will be dismissed from their assigned doors at 3:45pm.  Junior students who are walking home alone can leave from the back of the school unless they are picking up a younger primary student. 


At the gates and in front of school please ensure you are physically distancing yourself. You can stand along the sidewalks where we added yellow lines indicating proper spacing.  All adults are asked to ensure there is enough space for the child to exit the gate and walk to their parent.


Busses will resume on Monday, September 14th.                 .


Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in keeping our students safe.

Meetings with Staff Including Myself: Due to OPH guidelines, we will need to have these meetings virtually through Google Meet or by phone. If you would like to meet with me, please email me directly at Martine.Mitton@ocsb.ca.  


Keeping our Cohorts Small: Your child will remain with their class for the entire day including recess and lunch. French teachers will come into their class. Recess will take place in the yard with their teacher.  During snack and lunch times, there will be a teacher that supervises between four classes. At all times in the day (except dismissal) there will be no more than 4 classes at a time on the yard. Students will be expected to follow the markings on the yard to stay in a certain area and play with only members of their class. Bathroom trips will be recorded for the entire school so as to ensure we can have appropriate contact tracing completed should the need occur. Floor stickers will support students to physically distance. 

What if my child becomes sick at school?

A great suggestion from OPH is “Students should be made aware, in age-appropriate and non-stigmatizing language, how to identify symptoms of COVID-19 and should be instructed to speak to a staff member immediately if they feel ill.”  If students identify they are not feeling well or an educator notices they are not well, an educator, wearing full PPE, will monitor them in our isolation space and I will call you to come and pick up your child.  It is strongly recommended that guardians/parents develop a plan now for prompt pick-up at the school should the unfortunate happen. We can provide a mask if they don’t have one and will ensure physical distancing.  A reminder that if your child has seasonal allergies to please get a letter from their doctor.

We can not use the Kiss N’Ride at the beginning and end of the day due to our staggered departure.  Thank you for  parking your car and walking onto our yard.

Take care and God Bless.

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