Winter Drop Off and Pick up Routines

posted Feb 3, 2021, 1:05 PM by Kim Jimmo


Safe Dismissal Rules and Parking Restrictions

Feb 3, 2021

Dear Parents,

The winter season is here.  After being away for 6 weeks I would like at this time to review the rules for the safe dismissal of our students. With the increased number of parents dropping off and picking up their children this year, the stopping area in front of our school has become limited. In order to maintain a safe dismissal for our students, we are asking that you park away from the school on the side streets, and “walk-a-block” when picking up your child.  This would go a long way in reducing the congestion in the front of the school.


  • After unloading your child, please ensure that they cross at the crosswalk, or at the cones where an adult will be monitoring


  • Stopping is permitted only on the north side of the street (the side with sidewalk) between the “No Parking” signs as indicated above with the green arrow 

  • The crosswalk is not a stopping or drop-off area.  See red arrow 

  • A stopped vehicle in the crosswalk zone creates an obstruction hazard as other drivers will often try to overpass the stopped vehicle.  This presents a dangerous situation for the students and parents who are crossing. 

  • Please DO NOT make a U-turn in front of the school

  • Also, be a good neighbour, and do not use the driveways of neighbours to drop off or pick up your child

  Working Together To Keep Our School Community Safe!

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