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Remote Learning Checklist for Families

Remote Learning Checklist for Families

This checklist is designed to help with the transition from in-person learning to remote learning. If you have any questions, your child’s teacher is the primary point of contact.

Action tasks to start remote learning

  1. Find and open a Chrome Web Browser on your device (It’s automatic if using a Chromebook). If you do not have Chrome Web Browser, download it here.

  1. Login to the Chrome Web browser (see above)

Using your student login ( and password information.

  • If you are using a Chromebook, make sure you are logged in properly to the correct profile.

Watch Video Here

  • If you are using a PC/Mac computer Watch this video

  • If you are not logged in properly, you will appear in the Meet as someone ‘outside the organization’. We’ve instructed educators to deny entry to anyone where this happens. You may be prompted by the educator to ensure you are logged in properly so that this does not happen again.

  • If the email and password combination are not working, ask your child’s teacher to check.

  1. Explore the OCSB Student Portal found here (Gr. K - 6) (Gr. 7-12)

  1. Ensure that you, as parent(s)/guardian(s) are signed up for School Messenger. If you follow these steps to sign up, the program will tell you if you are signed up or not.

  1. Check out the #ocsbHowTo Parent/Guardian Playlist.

  1. Learn How to Join and Use Google Meet, (note you need to be using chrome web browser) go over etiquette expectations when online, and check out Samaritans on the Digital Road. Note: Students should see “Join now” if they see “Ask to Join'' do not click it. If you see “ask to join'' 15 minutes or less before the start of the class, something is incorrect. Recheck that you are using your account, sign out of other chrome accounts, reset your router, or move your location to ensure a fast internet connection.

Google Meet requires at least 10 megabits per second to run properly. Call your internet provider for more steps. You can do a speed test by googling “speed test” and clicking “Run Speed Test”. Educators have been instructed to block “ask to join” participants and your child from the class link if you click on ask to join.

  1. Access Hapara Workspace from the Student Portal. Please click on and review information about ‘Hapara Highlights.

  1. Sometimes, when things aren’t working quite right, clearing the cache, cookies and updating chrome can be useful. Video Link

  1. Set up a space in your home for remote learning and organize your learning materials (i.e. pencils, paper, whiteboard, etc.). Read our tips for parents to support virtual learning.

Links to register

You will need to register for the following SchoolMessenger and School Cash. You will see those at the bottom of our website along with Parent Portal where you find report cards. If your child takes the bus please sign up for the emails on OSTA under the parent tab you can sign up for emails

Opt in for School Messenger

Opt in to receive emails

Dear parents,

To receive all types of email messages, you must opt in. Otherwise, we will only send you emergency and attendance email messages. (Families with children in our Board since 2017 and who had previously provided Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation(CASL) consent will receive General messages.)

You can opt in by creating an account with SchoolMessenger and choosing your contact preferences for each type of message. To receive any emails sent by the school, your preference must be set to “yes” for General Messages. To receive any emails that may be sent by your child's teacher, your preference must be set to “yes” for Teacher-to-Parent Messaging.

Create your SchoolMessenger account

  1. Go to to learn how to create your account.

  2. Create your account using the email address you provided when you registered your child for school.

  3. Choose your contact preferences for each type of message.

Have questions?

If you are having difficulty creating your parent account, please email the OCSB at

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